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2016 Earth Day at KYA: Seed Blog 1

First Entry: April 22, 2016 

In celebration of Earth Day 2016, the Sustainability Studio got the KYA office together for an easy, yet sustainable team-building activity. We decided to try out eggshell seedling pots, a low-cost and sustainable planting method. Not only were our starter pots recycled, but in general, eggshells are biodegradable and contain useful, soil-enriching minerals, such as calcium.

The Studio provided everyone recycled egg shell planters, recycled bottle caps to act as planter stands, planting soil, herb seeds, and markers for decorating. When it came time to personalize the egg shell planters, some of our fellow office members got quite creative, drawing aspirational plant doodles, quirky faces, and even some inspirational messages for the planted seeds. Once all the seedling pots were set up, they were placed in the low-tech Sustainability Studio Starter Garden, where they would have exposure to the office’s skylight and be tended to by members of the Studio. Time to grow!