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2016 Earth Day at KYA: Seed Blog 4

Update: June 7, 2016

The Earth Day seedlings that were still going strong have been transplanted into bigger pots to be taken home by their owners. Planting methods varied a bit, with some KYA members planting their eggshell intact, and others cracking the eggshell a bit before covering the deconstructed pot with some soil.

A lot of the original sprouts unfortunately perished before the transplant day. However, any owners who lost their plant over the past month were free to plant new seeds in their eggshell.

This activity has been a fitting encapsulation of the spirit of Earth Day. These plants serve as a living reminder of not only the annual Earth Day event, but also of the values that inspire Earth Day, as well as the general principal of Sustainability that the Studio strives to embody and
instill in the KYA office and beyond.