Environmental Designer Wendy Meguro Speaks at University of Hawaii ‘Building Voices’ Earth Day Symposium

Hawaii State Capitol Building


By Ian Tierney

Building Voices Symposium organized by the University of
Hawaii at Manoa School of Architecture casts a wide net over ecologically
focused design from around the globe. The program was focused on community
ideas by uniting diverse perspectives across scales and disciplinary boundaries
to evaluate current models of practice and to shape aspirations for the
challenges ahead. KYA’s Environmental Designer Wendy Meguro was invited to
share her thoughts on her experience with and thought leadership in water
sensitive urbanism with 4 other leaders in the islands.

Wendy shared the mic with Andy
Kaufman, UHM CTAHR, Joel Kurokawa ASLA, Lauren Roth Venu, Roth Ecological,
Daniele Spirandelli, UHM DURP, moderated by Judith Stilgenbauer, UHM SoA. Each
speaker complimented the next by focusing on their specialty while keeping with
the theme of water in the built environment. Wendy specifically introduced the
packed house to projects around the nation that have implemented onsite
wastewater treatment systems. These systems, she argued, will enable
communities like ours to adapt to effects of climate change. 

As an island state, Hawaii is set to
be drastically affected by climate change, and symposiums such as this present
a beacon of hope for the world. These bright minds bring together a collective
optimism about the future world, through designing for resiliency and
sustainability. Each person in attendance was equipped with ideas from experts
that are practical for Hawaii, and will no-doubt be seen in not-so-distant
future projects.

We want to hear your feedback on the
event. Did you attend? Did you learn how design could address ecological
resilience, resource independence, healthy citizens, community mobility, and
housing for all? Are you optimistic that the proposed design methods will be
evolved into the future? What role will you play to shape that future?

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