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FOD Walks

March 4th, 2016 

The Sustainability Studio had another opportunity to spearhead a pilot program for SustainableHNL, the HNL FOD Walk 2016. The event was designed as a solution for the issue of Foreign Object Debris / Foreign Object Damage, or FOD.  Loose debris on the airside of an airport present a FOD risk that threatens the safety of aircraft, airport vehicles, equipment, and passengers.

At the FOD Walk 2016,  over one hundred HNL community volunteers collected items such as rocks, gravel, nuts, bolts, metal scraps, plastic flyaway items, packaging materials, cardboard, and other items that could potentially cause damage. Their dedication resulted in nearly ¾ tons of FOD collected along the perimeter of the airside terminal gate areas. Because of the high impact risk of FOD, the continuation of the HNL FOD Walk program is of utmost importance to the human safety and economic sustainability of HNL and DOT-A.