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HNL Recycle Drive

April 20th, 2015

The Sustainability Studio helped launch the largely successful HNL Recycle Drive 2015 as a pilot initiative for Sustainable HNL, the overarching program that oversees all sustainability-related efforts at Honolulu International Airport. The one-day waste diversion event was developed to address the Department of Transportation-Airports Division’s (DOT-A) commitment to waste minimization through the responsible disposal of recyclable and reusable items.

At the highly anticipated Drive, HNL tenants and DOT-A had the opportunity to dispose of infrequent waste items, including e-waste and bulky items. The first-time event diverted 4,518 lbs. of e-waste, 208 tires, and 90 cubic yards of solid, recyclable waste!

Tenant survey responses indicated an overwhelming approval of the Recycle Drive. Over half the respondents requested ongoing biannual or annual recycling events. The overall success of April’s event bodes well for the efficacy of an HNL Recycle Drive, as well as for the continuous improvement of Sustainable HNL.