The KYA Studio

KYA Sustainability Studio is a full service green building and sustainability planning studio that will allow you to move your operations to an economically viable, operationally efficient, environmentally healthy and socially responsible business model. Our technical expertise will help you with strategic planning, implementation, reporting, and certification. 

Mission: Help clients realize their sustainability vision by consulting on projects, generating plans, implementing cost effective best practices, and reporting progress.

Vision: Full service green building and sustainability planning studio for large institutional change.

Values: Teamwork, transparency, respect, integrity, inquisition, relevance, consistency, efficiency and simplicity.

Products and Services: Strategic Planning, Initiatives Planning and Implementation (short, medium and long term), Reporting (sustainability baselines and annual, energy, water, waste, carbon, etc.), Rebates and Tax Credits, Carbon Accounting, Green Building Certification, Energy Auditing, Building Performance Analysis, Training and Educating.